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And The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nation.

(Revelations 22:2)

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Tracy Strawberry Strawberry Ministries


Hermann Hospital

Houston, Texas


The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization found by Equallia Malone. The Holy Spirit gave Equallia the vision to start this foundation December 19, 2012 in honor of her son DeQuincy Stanberry whom also has "Autism". Also, the incident at Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut had a great impact upon Equallia to start this foundation, to help bring healing to our children and love ones across the nation.


At the DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation, we promote the compassion, dignity, self-worth of all of our clients, we strive to give them excellent quality care, as defined by our clients, individually, and as groups, with a goal to help change the future for all affected by "Autism Spectrum Disorder" and all "Special Needs".

The Foundation is chartered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that can and will make a great impact upon each client, and the lives of their families. Our desire is to help bring healing; in prayer that Doctor's and Scientist will be given a cure from God.

The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation provides a wide-array of services that are very valuable to our clients and their families. The Foundation will be working with clients to identify areas of interest and methods of community involvement that will appeal to them. We aim to bring the Autism Community together as one strong voice, to urge people across the globe to to listen to the concerns and to help us take action to address this global health crisis which has affected many of our children and adult love ones.

The Foundations long-range goal is to implement a level-four Autism/Special Needs Facility. We hope to have this concept completed within the next 3 years here in the city of Longview, TX. 


Our Foundation has partnered with Three Angels Covenant Care to offer our clients something no other organization in the East Texas area has. Our goal is providing the resources and respectful assistance, skilled non-medical care, respite care, from professionally skilled and certified Nursing Assistants with annual CEU's, and will have affordable insurance available for our clients and their families.

Although most organizations provide resources and funding for their clients, they do not provide services that will give their clients the best quality of care. Our foundation has a unique way of assisting our clients and their families. We have established a foundation that will meet all of clients needs; spiritually, medically, physically, emotionally, personally, and transportation will be provided from one of our local transportation agencies.


The increasing number of Autistic babies being born is a well-known and much discussed fact of our times about the lack of support and resources in many cities and counties across the nation. More and more of this population, many of whom are born with this disorder, currently are not able to have their needs met. Our foundation will be a major representative of this group,Autism-Care Alternatives, for you and your love one.

The families of people seeking caring environments have their own set of needs they are seeking to fulfill:

  • Peace of mind about their loved-ones physical and mental state
  • Relief from time-consuming job of caring for their family members themselves
  • Relief from feelings of guilt which often overcome them when they find they do not have the physical, emotional, or intellectual resources to personally provide appropriate care for those they love. 

The big unstated, the weight of the world is on my shoulders, for families seeking care, is the feeling of being a mom, dad, or sibling who is not able to put his/her life on hold to take care of a much-loved family member. At The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation,we understand these feelings, and our desire is to reassure families in everything we do that the choice to let us help care of their family member is a loving, kind, and generous act, that we desire to do. 


There are a number of different options for families seeking assistance through our foundation. From in-home assistance, to specialized referral treatment through a local licensed clinician, to provide our families with the proper treatment for their beloved family member.


There are many medicaid and medicare licensed care providers within Gregg County and other surrounding cities and counties.

  • Private, for private pay families
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Private Insurance 

-We understand

We understand that there are many types of behavioral disorders and intellectual disabilities that are keeping many children and adults in captivity. That's why we have a great desire to help relieve and bring comfort to our clients and their families in the way that our Lord Jesus would have us to. Remember, you are not Alone, "We Are Here For You".

Also visit our Friends, The Strawberry's @ in the fight for "Autism"

Thanks for visiting our site, we look forward to assisting you and your family!  

Mailing Address:

2300 Bill Owens Pkwy. Box #322

Longview, TX 75604




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