The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation - "Helping To Fight Autism"
Board Members at The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation
are dedicated to promote Philantrophy throughout the Community,
East Texas Counties, and across the Nation.
Board of Directors & Staff:                                                     
Equallia Malone- President/Founder/CEO of The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation. contact/email:  
The  Foundation was found upon Spiritual Directions from the  Lord Jesus, and is based upon Biblical Principals.
The Foundation  is  named  in  honor of   Equallia's  son  whom is Autistic. The  Foundation  offers  a wide-array  of resources  and   services   to   families   with    Autistic   children   and   love  ones  throughout    the  Community  of Gregg  County, Shelby  County, Smith  County,  and   other    Counties    throughout     East   Texas,   and   across  the   Nation. 
Equallia    is  a  dedicated,  Ordained , Compassionate, Highly  Driven Minister of  the Gospel of Jesus  Christ, who  has  a great desire to help people in  need.  She is also a published  Christian Author of two books.
Equallia has demonstrated Leadership  in various  Professional  and   Community  Organizations. In addition   to     her    role    as    Founder,    President,    CEO,   and    Board   Member    of    The DeQuincy Stanberry  Malone  Foundation;  she is  also  the  Overseer of Holy Ghost  Ministries of Longview, Texas  a non-profit organization and the Owner of Three  Angels  Covenant Care, LLC.
As  a  Enterperneur  and  Philanthropist,  Equallia,  a  Nonprofit  Leader,  has  a  great  desire   to help make a difference in our Community and across the Nation.  She extends her hand  and  her heart to all ethnic groups and their need. 
Equallia  has over  30yrs. of experience in  patient  and  client  care.      She holds Certifications in Phlebotomy,   Nursing    Care;  with    Long-Term,     and     Short-Term   Care   training,   Critical  Care,     Hospice    Care,  along  with  the  Education  and   Clinical  Training   in   X-ray, CPR and First  Aide   Certification,  and    has   completed   the   hours   needed   to  start   and    operate  a  business  within  the  State  of   Texas.
Equallia       completed      her       High     School      Education     at       L. G.   Pinkston    High     School,        Dallas,        Texas      and      continues      to        seek          knowledge        through          Continuing      Education        Programs.  Equallia     has     the   knowledge   to   oversee    the Foundation in which she takes to heart.
She   credits   Panola  College   of  Center,  TX   and  Kilgore   College   of   Longview,  TX  for   her Continued Education.
Equallia,  Board  of  Directors,  and  Staff  here  at  The  DeQuincy  Stanberry Malone  Foundation are    honored    to     help     make    a     difference    in     our     community,     local     surrounding Counties throughout East Texas and across the Nation.
                                       Samantha Cooper/Executive Assistant II to President


Willie E. Johnson- Treasurer/Accountant

                                                   Janis Figley McFadden- Corporate Secretary 
Mrs. McFadden is Spiritual Adviser to the President, Equallia Malone, and CFO   of    Three    Angels   Covenant   Care   upon    it's     opening.      Mrs. McFadden   joined  the  Foundation   April  2013  at   the  attendance  of  a business meeting.
As    Corporate      Secretary,     Mrs.    McFadden     is     responsible    for
the   documentation    of   all   meetings   held    within   the    Foundation.  
                                        She   will  assist   with    daily   operations   of     the    Foundation,    which   include    assisting     Individuals,     Corporations,    Small   Businesses,   and   other    Nonprofit  Organizations   with    filling   out   the   proper   forms  needed  for  the  Foundations assistance, and for  those  that choose to partner  with the Foundation in helping to make a difference.   
Mrs. McFadden  has  over  2  years  experience  as  a  long  distance telephone operator, 2 years experience  as  Office  Manager  of   Teneha   Express,  10   years  as  a  Entreperneur   Licensed  Cosmetologist,   18    years    experience    as    a   Sales/Office   Manager   for    Automatic    Gas, 25  years  of  service  dedicated  as Vice-President for McFadden Dairy Farms and   is  currently  a   faithful   member   of  Spirit  of  Life   Ministries  4  years.
In 2008 Mrs. McFadden  campaigned  and ran for Mayor of Tenaha, Texas. Mrs. McFadden is a true Humanitarian with a great desire to Minister and better the lives of others.
Mrs.  McFadden   completed   her   High   School   Education   at  Tenaha   High  School,  Tenaha, Texas; which she is a native of and currently resides in Panola County.
Mrs.   McFadden    continues     her    education    to   date    and    credits    Panola    College     for all  CEU's.
Mrs.   McFadden   is   a   loving   Wife,   loving   Mother   of   2,  and   loving    Grandmother  of  3.
Shelley Murff-Executive Assistant I to the President
Shelley  joined  the  Foundation  April  2013  at the  attendance of  a business    meeting.     She   is    the   Executive    Assistant I   to   the   President,   Equallia      Malone      and      other     officers     of     the    Foundation.   She  is   responsible   for   all   daily  operations  of  the  Foundation, and helps to oversee all Fundraiser Projects.
Shelley earned her Certificate in Business in 1986 from The American School   of   Business   in   Shreveport,  La.    She  has    held    positions   as  a  Enterperneur    in   Home   Interior    Design,   Supervisor  for  a   major   Insurance  Agency   in     Shreveport,     La,   General   Store   Manager  over 13 years    for   Beall's    Department       Store,   Carthage, Texas   and              currently          Office            Personnel           Manager      for       a       Company       in    
Carthage, Texas,  and,   Service  and   Pier  Relations Teacher for   Panola    College    Continuing   Education   Department,  and     upon  opening   of  Three    Angels    Covenant    Care,   she   will   be  staffed   as  Office Assistant/Plan   of  Care  Supervisor. 
Shelley     completed     her      High      School      Education     at      Logansport     High     School,   Logansport,      Louisiana        and       has         Continuing        Education        in      which         she   credits    Panola    College  of    Carthage,   Texas   and    Kilgore   College,   of   Longview,   Texas. Shelley holds  a  Certification  in Quick  Books, and  has  Certification   from Kilgore  College,  of Longview, Texas  with  the  hours  needed  to  operate  a business  within   the   State   of   Texas.
Shelley  is  a loving  Christian Wife,  and Mother of one Son.  She also  is  a Prayer  Partner  to  the President   Equallia   Malone,   and    others.   She  currently   is   a   faithful    member   of    Word of  Faith,  Joaquin  Texas  in  which  she  was  the  Ladies  Group  Director and Outreach Ministry 2002-2012, and is very Anointed in her Prayer Life.
                            Rachel Johnson- Vice President
Mrs. Johnson joined the Foundation December 2012 while having a casual conversation with the President, Equallia Malone.
Mrs. Johnson is the Vice-President to the President. She will work parallel to the President, Equallia Malone, and will assist other Officers of the Foundation. Mrs. Johnson is  responsible for all daily operations of the Foundation.
Mrs.   Johnson    has   a   wide-array  of   experiences,  in   Customer  Service   for  5 years;  as  a Personnel  Clerk  for  a  major  company  for  over  16  years;   as  a Group-Home Attendant  for Intellectual    Disabled    for    over   10    years;   Certified    Nursing   Assistant    and     Certified Medication     Aide   for   5   years;    Special    Education     Assistant    for    NISD   for    3   years, assisting   Pre-K - 2nd     grade,    currently   a     Medical    Transportation    Driver   for     Watts  Medical   Transportation,   and  will   be  Assistant   Administrator  for  Three  Angels  Covenant Care  upon  it's opening. Mrs. Johnson  loves working with special needs persons,  and is a  true Christian.
Mrs.    Johnson  completed   her   High    School    Education    at    East    Liberty   High  School, Shelbyville, Texas, and  has continuing  education,  which  she  credits  Angelina College, Lufkin, Texas; Lewis College of Nursing, Houston, Texas; and Kilgore College, Longview, Texas.
Mrs.     Johnson       holds     Certifications    as  a     Nursing     Assistant,    Medication   Aide,   in Conversational    Spanish,   as   a    Para-Professional,  in Excel,  and  Office  Management.  With training in CPR and First Aide.
Mrs. Johnson (First Lady)- is a loving Wife of a Pastor, she is also a Licensed Ministerial Teacher and a member of Triump Church.
Mrs.  Johnson   holds   dear   to    her   heart,    her  5  children,  31 grandchildren,  6  great grand children, with 2 grandsons that are affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  Dorothy Jones- Executive Assistant to the Vice-President                                                        
Mrs. Jones joined the Foundation May 2013 on a   conference call  with President,   Equallia  Malone.  Mrs. Jones  is responsible  for assisting the   Vice-President    and   Treasurer  in  aspects   of  the   daily  financial activity  of the Foundation.
With more than 32 years  of  experience in  Customer  Service,  Mrs. Jones brings to the Foundation substantial knowledge attained from her position at Tyson Foods formally Holy Farms , in which  she was dedicated to for over 32 years.
She was also staffed  at  St. Mary's Hospital, Galveston, Texas; and   UTMB   formally  John Celie Hospital, Galveston, Texas  as  a Transportation  Assistant, and  held the  position as Supervising Infant Instructor/Caregiver  for Center  Early Learning Program in which she  dedicated 8 years of service to.  
Mrs.  Jones  currently  holds  a  position with  Jennings Place  as  a  Group-Home  Attendant  for intellectually  disabled  persons,  and  volunteers  as a caregiver for a much loved family member, great uncle whom is 93 years old.
Mrs.  Jones  completed  her   High  School   Education  at  C. H.  Daniels  High  School,  Center, Texas. Mrs. Jones   also   has   continuing   education   and   workshop   training,  in  which  she  credits  Center Early  Learning  and  Jennings  Place,  and  is a  faithful  Christian and life-long member of Carroll Chapel CME Church in which her Grandfather found and started in the early 1900's.
Mrs.  Jones  is  a  loving  Wife, and Mother of one  daughter, and   Grandmother of  a very special grandson who has Autism.


                                             Virginia Taylor-Executive Assistant III to the President

DeQuincy Stanberry- Corporate Greeter
DeQuincy  is  the  honoree of the Foundation. DeQuincy has a special gift in greeting    people.  So   we   are    honored   to   have    DeQuincy   hold  this position as Corporate  Greeter,  in   which   we    feel   is   the   utmost importance.
DeQuincy  is  responsible  for  Greeting  clients and their families as  they enter and exit the Foundations establishment.
Here at The DeQuincy Stanberry Malone Foundation our motto is " Love Your Neighbor As Yourself ." ( Mattew Ch. 22:39 )
He  is  currently  seeking  his  High  School  Diploma  through  the  Christian  Eduction  of   Center Christian  Academy/HS  with  the  BJU curriculum.
DeQuincy  loves  Jesus  and  the  Christian  Education  Program  that  his  Mother  placed  him in beginning in 1999, and later changed to a Home School Program which he Graduated from June 2016.
DeQuincy  is  also a  published  Christian Co-Author of "The Message" & "Gone Fishing"  which  he Co-Authored with Author Equallia Malone, his Mother.
DeQuincy  is  excited   about   the  Foundation  and   the   many   lives  it   will   better  and   bless.

                                                                                           Committee Members

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                                                                                                 Justin Barnes
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